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"The cost of staging is always less than the cost of reducing the price"

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Staging for Investors

Are you aware that staging a property will help sell it faster and for more money? We know every day an investment property sits on the market costs you $$ -- our staging services focus on getting your property to stand out from the competition so it sells quickly. We offer special packages of furniture and accessories at discounted pricing for investors!

Staging presents spaces in the most ideal way by:

  • Drawing attention to the home's best features, and downplaying negative ones.
  • Showing buyers how they can best arrange furniture and the potential best use of each space, so there is no question about a room's function or purpose in a buyer's mind.
  • Decorating with current trends in mind, to create the environment and lifestyle that most appeals to buyers. Through the careful use of accessories and color to "set the scene" and create a mood, I work to design a space that buyers will emotionally connect with.
  • Decorating to appeal to the demographic that you're targeting, whether young, single, families, retirees, etc. We know what decorating styles and trends fit each demographic and each type of community - suburban, metropolitan, waterfront, retirement.

Even just staging four rooms - living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom -- can help sell a house faster and for more money.

Specifically, we will handle the following services for you so you have more time to take care of the rest of your business:

  • selecting furniture and rugs, for rental or for purchase to re-use in other models.
  • arranging delivery, set-up, and eventual pick-up of furniture for you.
  • selecting accessories from our inventory and/or buying new accessories for your particular project - this includes bedding, linens, art, vases, plants, faux flower arrangements, decorative boxes, candles and candleholders, lamps, mirrors, etc. Accessories are the "icing on the cake" that pull together a space by creating that all-important emotional connection with buyers.
  • showcasing your properties on our own website, if you wish.
  • I will help you market your properties to reach more buyers. If I am hired to stage your property, I will post it on various social media and selling sites, such as real estate shows, Houzz, Trulia, Pinterest, my FB and Twitter pages, and LinkedIn. More exposure = more potential buyers and a faster sale!

If you are looking for a less expensive long-term way to stage multiple investment properties, I can create floor plans and either a furniture rental list OR shop for you to buy furniture you can store and re-use in multiple properties. For a one-time fee, I can also shop for accessories such as bedding, lamps, art, mirrors, faux florals, towels, and decorative items if you want to own and re-use them.

I value your business and in return promise affordability, great service, and reliability. Please call me at 201-390-4649 to ask about my investors packages/pricing and to get a no-obligation estimate.

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