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"The cost of staging is always less than the cost of reducing the price"

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Pricing and Services

A Home Gain Survey of realtors showed that sellers who staged their homes recovered nearly 7 times the cost of staging by getting a higher price for the sale of their home – generating a substantial ROI and more money in their pocket.

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How We Charge:

Typical fees for home staging and suggested repairs prior to selling are 1% to 3% of the selling price of the home. I can often stage for as little as ¾ to 1 % of your home’s price.

The exact cost of staging is determined by:

  • the size of your home
  • the number of rooms to be staged
  • the amount of work needed to get your home ready for sale
  • the services you need us to perform for you

Consulting and Staging Options We Offer:

Staging Consultation for Occupied Homes
$250 for up to a 2 hour walk-through of your property evaluating it from a buyer's perspective, including a typed "Recommendations for your Home" emailed within 48 hours of my visit. Any additional time is charged at $100/hour pro-rated. We will discuss ways to get your property looking its absolute best for photos and buyer walk-throughs. I provide recommendations on de-cluttering, furniture arrangements, paint colors, and inexpensive updates. I take photos and measurements to provide a proposal for a full staging of your property if you wish.

Vacant Home Staging

Did you know furnished rooms actually look larger than unfurnished rooms?

Reason: 9 out of 10 buyers cannot visualize how and what furniture will actually fit in a room, so furnishing your property for sale makes it look larger and alleviates buyer concerns about how to use rooms with with odd or small dimensions. A home furnished the right way, with the appropriate size, color, and style of items and high-end accessories, has a higher-perceived value, so the majority of staged homes sell faster, often within the first few weeks of staging. Furnishing an empty home creates an emotional connection with buyers so that your property becomes more memorable and desirable.

The typical cost to stage 3 to 4 main rooms (living room, dining room, kitchen, and master bedroom) can be anywhere from around $1,300 to $2,000/month -- 2 month minimum -- including rental furniture, staging labor and accessories, and delivery. Larger, more expensive homes may run higher because of the need for additional, higher-end furniture that will appeal to high-end buyers. Staging additional rooms has an investment cost of approximately $500 - $1000/month depending on the size of the rooms and whether higher-end pieces are needed.

Note: Any 2 small side spaces (foyer, hallway niches, etc.) = 1 room

Outdoor rooms = $200 - $800 or more/month depending on how much furniture is needed.

For an exact cost estimate and proposal for your property, the vacant home preview/measuring fee is $75-$100 which is credited back when you hire us to stage, so in essence it is free!

Staging and related services for vacant homes:

  • Staging of main rooms or whole house
  • Paint color, light fixtures, hardware, tile, cabinetry, etc. selections/recommendations as needed
  • Arranging furniture and accessory rentals
  • Contractor recommendations and coordination
  • Professional photography

We keep our rates reasonable and competitive, and will do as little or as much as you would like to help you get your home ready to sell quickly!

Staging Services

Do you want advice on room arranging/consulting by email or text?: send me clear photos taken from each wall of your rooms and I will advise you -- in writing or by phone -- on how to arrange or re-arrange the furniture, art, and accessories and what to change/update (actual suggested selections, moodboards and e-design pictures are an additional fee of $100/hour), in preparation for listing photos or to make your rooms look better for living in? $75/room with written "to-do" list. Payment required upfront to Venmo @Amy-Bly or credit card or check made out to Great Impressions Staging.

  • Remodeling and Home Design