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"The cost of staging is always less than the cost of reducing the price"

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Discounts for Real Estate Agents

Do you need a marketing edge for your properties, that special "something" to make your listings stand out in any market? If you are a real estate agent anywhere in northern New Jersey, including Bergen, Morris, Hudson, Passaic, Essex, and Union Counties, and have clients who need their homes staged, please contact me at 201-390-4649 to discuss the discounts I offer to agents who pay for staging consultations as a value-added benefit to their lucky clients!

Do you have sellers whose homes have out-dated or bright/bold paint colors, pet odors, cluttered decor, heavy window treatments, worn carpeting or other cosmetic issues? I can select the right neutral colors from my sample decks and can tactfully handle all of those "sticky" to-do issues that you may feel too uncomfortable discussing. Of course, I also respect any limitations you or your clients have regarding their budget and timelines. My goal is to work with you as a partner in making homes look better in small OR big ways!

Why not be the agent who presents their customers with the option of staging to sell their homes faster and for more money, instead of having to suggest painful price reductions? I can provide the information and statistics that prove an investment in staging usually pays off in faster sales at higher prices.

Of course, a happy customer is your best word-of-mouth advertising. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

Staging Pays Off For Both You and Your Seller

According to the 2019 NAR Profile on Home Staging, 83% of Buyers Agents said that staging a home made it easier for Buyers to visualize that home as their future home.

22% of Sellers agents say that staging increases the sales price by 1-5% and 17% say that it increases the sales price by 6-10%.

5% increase in dollar value for a $500,000 home is $25,000 for the sellers based on a 5% commission that would mean $1,250 more in your pocket!

A 10% increase would mean $50,000 more for the Sellers based on a 5% commission that would mean $2,500 more in your pocket.

If you did 10 deals a year that would mean $25,000 more in commission!

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